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Zolpidem is the official name for what we commonly call generic Ambien. It is used for adults who suffer from insomnia. The drug classification has it in a class of drugs referred to as sedative-hypnotics. It influences the brain to help create a calming effect that will help clients fall asleep faster so they can get a good night’s sleep. It is a short term medication that is usually only taken for a period of one or two weeks or less.

Ambien has a unique quality in that it is one of the few medications that is more effective when it is taken on an empty stomach. It works very quickly and should be taken just before getting ready to retire. It should not be taken unless you have at least 7 or 8 hours to dedicate to sleeping. If you do not have that much time to sleep and you have to get up before a full 7 or 8 hours you may suffer some memory loss.

Dosage amounts are based on the severity of the patient’s condition, other medicines that the patient might be taking and how well they respond to the treatment plan. The maximum dosage is10 milligrams per day. Older patients are given a much smaller dosage to try to avoid adverse side effects.

6 reviews for Ambien 10mg

  1. Julia H. Wright

    Ambien is the one and only sleep med, which seems to work well. I have been taking this drug for the past few years and found that it is working terrifically in getting solid REM sleep

  2. Mathew Jacob

    Now, I can get my eight hours of sleep at every single night. Before, I would get only three or four hours of sleep, when I was fortunate and sometime nothing at all. No side effects occur while using this drug. Simply gives a good night-time’s rest!

  3. Lilly

    I shall be as brief as possible. I have several health issues, which cause me problems sleeping. Ambien was prescribed to me. Other medications have had adverse effects; Ambien seemed to be the one that helped me achieve my much-needed sleep/rest, which even with its use, I found sleep/rest intermittent at best.

  4. Vernalis

    Your product is quite good!

  5. Kran Shan

    Can I get any discount for christmas as the product seems to be good

  6. Tanya Jimenez

    The product arrived on time and it was perfectly packed when it was delivered to me.

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